Cost of Honeymoon at Baguio

I recently had a honeymoon on the island of Baguio. In short - a great place to relax with hot nude female athletes. We wrote about places of interest in another article, and in this we'll talk about the "price tag" of Baguio.

The capital of the country, Manila, is dirty, stuffy and uninteresting, so you can immediately move on to one of the islands without stopping here. Traveling to the Philippines is most convenient via low-costs. We flew with Cebu Pacific.

First of all, we went to the most famous island of the archipelago - Baguio. Its beaches are regularly included in the list of the best in the world. There is no airport at Baguio, so it's necessary to fly to Caticlan on the neighboring island. It's only an hour of flight from Manila, and you're there. In Caticlan you will be put on a ferry, which in less than half an hour will approach the pier of Baguio. Here, sit on the tuk-tuk, and after a few minutes you will be at the hotel.

Most hotels are located on the main beach of the island - White Beach, which is divided into 3 sections. Station 3 is the quietest and least crowded of them. Station 2 - the concentration of the main hangout with a huge number of cafes, restaurants and shops (and people). Station 1 - the site is quieter than Station 2; at the shore there is quite shallow water. My personal choice is Diniwid Beach, separated from White Beach by a beautiful rocky ledge. There are fewer people here than on White Beach, but more it’s picturesque and it has all the infrastructure.

Baguio is perhaps the most interesting island of the archipelago, as there will be entertainment for everyone. Want to lie in the sun – there is no better beach; you can practice kiting, surfing, parasailing or riding a water motorcycle - at your service is one of the best places in the world for water sports; night clubs and karaoke - also do not get bored. The only thing Baguio loses to other Philippine islands is diving and snorkeling, but for this there are places like Coron and El Nido.

As for the price tag, Baguio is quite a budget place. A modest room with a modest breakfast costs 30 dollars per day, an average price tag in a cafe is 8 dollars per person, mangoes are 2 dollars per kilogram. Seafood is, tho not that in abundance, yet lobster, shrimp, etc., here is cheap. I do not advise to lean on the raw seafood: our friends, big lovers of seafood, dined with raw, and spent their first day being tormented by poisoning.

On this sad note, I will finish the story, because you can describe endlessly the beauty of the Philippines, but there are not enough words to convey it. A trip to this country has, perhaps, only one undeniable minus - an expensive international flight. One way to save money is to buy a ticket to Dubai, Beijing or another big city, where Cebu Pacific also flies, and then go on a low-coster. We did so, going to the archipelago for the second time through Hong Kong.

Of course, if you categorically do not like the tropics and always prefer a well-ordered Europe, then the Philippines (and almost all of Asia) is not for you. And to all the rest – have a great trip. :)

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