My Baguio Squad Goals (PART 1)

For most cheesy people, friends are the gift from God that you get to have before Santa gives you his own version of present for Christmas. Friends, however tangible, are still the most abstract standards of happiness. According to these people, friends are the ones who will help you in your every day struggles and dilemma. They are the sweetest strawberries and the tastiest ube jams. Because of friends, people get to have somebody to support them accomplish things however big or small they are.

I do not go with all of the statements in this definition. In order to sort this out, I came up with my own definition who or what friends really are. To me, friends are the kind of Sagada oranges that you either peel with great excitement then smell the scent out of it, or they could be the ponchos and knitted bonnets that give you enough heat in your cold and lowly days. My friends understand me whenever I get tantrums like a little girl away from her favorite poncho and Sagada oranges. This happens whenever my friends go home and spend their weekends on their respective provinces. Most weekends, they leave Baguio and go home to their provinces. It makes me miss them more. Since I spend weekends alone here in Baguio, I make my time productive by having a bucket list of what I wanted my squad and I to achieve. Here are a few #baguiosquadgoals that I have written.

Balik-alindog weekends.

Weekends are the best time for college students like us, or even those who work every weekday, to rejuvenate and take a break from the stressful matters at hand. Baguio is really convenient to those fitness buffs out there. Zumba or TaeBo mornings are really early ones every day on Burnham Park. Every quadrant of the park can be utilized for your fitness routines. Brisk walks, too, are really convenient in Baguio. My squad loves adventure, and at the same time, getting fit. I like growing my self-esteem and consciousness together with my squad. To cite a few ideal spots to do so, I personally recommend South Drive or around Burnham Lake.

(Photo by AvianQuest Mukha ng Baguio (MnB))

Swan boat Race.

I know how silly this is but a Swan Boat race is a goal that I have to achieve with my friends. The swan boats on Burnham Lake are pedaled ones. It would make us feel our juvenile years again while chasing each other. At the same time, a little competition will help us know each other more. Another point is that it will make our #balikalindog goal closer as we pedal our ways to the finish line.

Day-long jeepney ride.

Jeepney transportations are common in Baguio. However, they are not costly, especially on weekdays when you get a student discount. My friends are travelers and I wanna travel with them, too. A hundred pesos is an enough budget. All that you will need is your complete squad, a charged mobile phone or DSLR, and some snacks for you to binge along the way.

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