My Baguio Squad Goals (PART 2)

Friends, however tangible, are still the most abstract standards of happiness. According to these people (the cheesy ones), friends are the ones who will help you in your everyday struggles and dilemma. They are the sweetest strawberries and the tastiest ube jams. But, to me, friends are the kind of Sagada oranges that you either peel with great excitement then smell the scent out of it, or they could be the ponchos and knitted bonnets that give you enough heat in your cold and lowly days.”

Baguio has been catering most squad goals that a circle of friends have. As for the first wave of the bucket list that I wanted to accomplish with my friends, I mentioned three: balik-alindog weekends, Swan Boat race, and a day-long jeepney ride. Now, I present to you more squad goals I have that you and your homies might enjoy.

Letting go of the negativities while you literally bury them.

You might get surprised but Baguio has a cemetery, located at Camp John Hay, which buries all the negative emotion people have. You just have to write the things that upset you or disturb you. These upsetting things you wrote could be buried not just down your memory cargo but also below the ground. My friends and I have been through a lot recently-thesis, Academics, social and love life, thesis, and thesis again. For once, I would like to have my friends appreciate life by burying these worries for a while. This cemetery would be the perfect avenue for taking a step back and rewind.

Make people believe that you are out of country with friends.

Well, this is one of the easiest but funniest things your squad can do to show other people how cool your squad is. You, as a group, can dress up in your trench coats, bonnets, and scarves. Clothing yourselves like the one people see on winter collections is not disturbing here in Baguio compared to the other tourist spots in the country. The attire suites itself with the weather. Different sceneries here in Baguio can be mistaken to be somewhere else in the planet. As simple as the road rails along Trancoville resembling those that they have in Taiwan. Everything, every angle in Baguio can be made to look like somewhere else.

Go ghost hunting on different Baguio untouched ruins.

Baguio has been a home to different spine-chilling ruins that have exciting histories beneath. My friends love horror and mystery fiction films so I suppose they would love the idea of it. There are many infrastructures that cater to this adventure. Each has their unique and interesting history. To cite a few recommended places, I recommend the old Court of Appeals, Diplomat Hotel, Marcos mansion and White house.

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