Top 8 most romantic spots of Asia

Do you want to go on an unforgettable romantic trip with your significant other but have no idea where to stop and what place to choose? Together with, we managed to find those destinations and carefully sort them for you.

Asia seems like a romantic place in any case. But have you considered more locations than Tokyo and Beijing? Here are some unforgettable gems you might’ve never heard of:

1. Halong Bay

They say that “Halong” means “a place where a dragon touched the sea.” That’s why rocks peeping out of water look like a dragon’s zigzag body. According to the legend, the ancient reptile created the bay and finished the scenery.

You can get to Halong Bay by bus or from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It will take you 3-4 hours to see this incredibly beautiful scenery. The bay is the most spectacular if you visit it somewhere between December and May. Although Halong Bay is spectacular all year round. Even on rainy days, you will take lots of amazing photographs and have the time of your life with your significant other.

2. Huanglong

Huanglong's interest area is one of the most popular and incredibly beautiful places in the world. Huanglong is located in the highlands in Sichuan Province, China. The city of Chengdu is 200 km from the interest area. One of the best things about this place is the multi-colored lakes. The reason why these waters are so vibrant is the bacteria that live in the lakes. The area has 3500 small lakes where couples get together looking at incredible nature, including waterfalls and mountains.

3. Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga flower park is an all-year event couples like to visit extensively. Every season is associated with the blossoming of a particular flower. If you come to Japan in summer and winter, the park will look drastically different. This place is wildly popular because of fuji – an equally important flower as a sakura blossom.

4. Chocolate Hills, the Philippines

Chocolate Hills are the most exciting place in the Philippines. They are even depicted on the coat of arms and flag of the province of Bohol, and are proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List as a geological monument, but have not yet been accepted (in 2020).

No one knows what formed these hills. One of the main mysteries consists in these hill’s uniqueness and makes these natural formations one of the biggest world wonders. Fun fact: Hershey’s created their Chocolate Kisses after visiting Bohol. That is why thousands of couples flee to the Philippines to see the beautiful natural scenery and get closer to the wilderness.

5. Sun Moon Lake Fleur de Chine, Taiwan

Looking for a more relaxed place to stay with your partner? Sun Moon Lake Fleur de Chine is the place to choose. Here you can enjoy thermal water, enjoy baths with your significant other, drink the best tea, visit Rihyue Fountain and Cishih Syuanji Temple. If you want to know more about the place, visitors and experts advise couples to go to Wen Wu Temple to see the incredible architecture. Here, you can also exchange cultural experiences and stay in a high-class condo with a bed and breakfast.

6. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

It’s the city that immediately comes to mind the minute someone mentions Cambodia. It is a huge temple lost in the jungle ever built. It is included in World Heritage List, and the tourist visits are strictly regulated. The incredible beauty and mastery of this place are worth visiting Cambodia with your significant other.

7. Kiso Valley

Kiso is situated in Japan and has a huge historic value as it separated Edo and Kyoto. Here, you can walk under cedar trees with your significant other. Cedarwood defines this region’s craft. Here, you can also visit temples and live in the nature, loving every aspect of fresh Japanese air and impeccable artistry. Visiting Nakasendō will change your perspective on old Japan because you will learn about ancient buildings while kayaking down the lake.

8. Wat Rong Khun

It’s difficult to express the beauty and grandeur of the White Temple, located in Thailand. The temple was created by the artist back in 1987. The creator believed that this project woulg give him a key to immortality. The building amazes by its light energy and extremely detailed decorations. If you want to see something worthwhile and endearing, it is the place.

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