Why You Should Spend a Date at Baguio

There is no other place in the world like Baguio. There simply isn’t. It is the heaven on Earth and how can you possibly not visit it? If you do, which we strongly advise to, take your girlfriend or potential russian women to marry with you, the dates that you’ll have there, she will remember them forever, strengthening your relationship.

The town of Baguio, located in the north of the Philippine island of Luzon, is the famous mountain resort and summer capital of the country. It was founded by the Americans in 1900. In 1903, Baguio was decided to be the summer capital of the Philippines, and in 1909 it received the status of a city. Today, the administration of the Lusonic province of Cordillera is located here. The population of the city is a little over 300 thousand people.

The name Baguio, in the language of the indigenous inhabitants of these places, means "moss". The city is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level in the region of tropical pine forests, in which mosses and orchids grow abundantly, hence the name.

Spaniards founded a military garrison in the nearby town of La Trinidad. The Americans declared the city the summer capital of the Philippines, making it the residence of the American Governor-General, in which the government sheltered from the unbearable heat of Manila. Due to the high-altitude location, the air temperature in Baguio is 8 degrees below the average temperature throughout the country.

Today, tourism is one of the main industries of Baguio. In summer, during the Passion Week, thousands of tourists from all over the country flock here - the city's population is almost doubling. Many tourists are also attracted to local holidays, held on a grand scale - for example, the Flower Festival of Panagbung, which lasts a month.

In Baguio there are many attractions that will be of interest to tourists. For example, on the highway Kennon Road, there is a huge Lion Head, built in 1972 from limestone. Particularly popular is the man-made village of Tam-avan, built in 1998 to demonstrate how traditional small villages located in the highlands looked before. Real traditional houses were brought from the Mountain Province and turned into small boarding houses where you can stay overnight.

In the eastern part of the city is the Palace - the official residence of the President of the Philippines. Entrance to it, of course, is prohibited, but tourists can admire the building outside of the gates.

Popular tourist attractions are the numerous churches, such as the Cathedral of Baguio with two spiers and a hundred steps on top of the hill. The former American camp of John Hay is now turned into a fashionable resort with golf courses, skating paths and picnic areas, as well as restaurants that offer panoramic views.

The island is truly unforgettable. A date on the island tops everything else, it has it all and then some. Don’t miss out and book the trip now.

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